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Netflix & Chill: What the Health

The Maxine firm hosted a a private viewing of the popular Netflix documentary " What The Health" at the Louisiana Arts and Science Museum's Planetarium theatre. What the Health was informative, comical and shocking. The Maxine Firm neither endorsed nor condemned the documentary. However, we wanted to encourage meaningful conversation around chronic disease prevention and promote healthy lifestyle changes. Following the viewing there was panel discussion lead by physicians, nurses, pharmacist, nutritionists, farmers and food scientist from the Baton Rouge area. Whether you're Vegan, Vegetarian or Pescatarian, incorporating more fruits & vegetables in your diet is ALWAYS the best decision.

The community development division of beBATONROUGE covered this event. beBATONROUGE is a collective representation of the culture of Baton Rouge. This digital media platform bridges the gaps between cultures for the greater good. Here is what they had to say.