The Maxine Firm is made up of network of healthcare professionals!


“What we put into our bodies has a significant impact on our mental health. Anxiety, Depression, and Mental illnesses are linked to our nutrition practices.”

Dr. Meghan Borne

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“There is power, liberation, and autonomy in growing! Chronic Disease Prevention is the destination. Fresh food access for all is the conduit. ”

Stephanie Elwood​

"The Garden Lady"

Licensed Horticulturist  & Master Gardner

Holistic care is a priority at our pharmacy. We dedicate our time providing our patients with services that yield positive health outcomes. We want to see our patients constantly improving!  Our patients know that we're most concerned with their wellness.

Dr. Orlando Parker

Pharmacist, Parker's Pharmacy

“Addressing chronic diseases requires new strategies to delay health deterioration, improve function, and address the problems that people confront in their everyday lives.”

Dr. Kourtni Luster, DNP

Comprehensive Healthcare of Louisiana

“God has given us every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it, and I truly believe that the cure for most diseases and chronic conditions can be found in those God given gifts.”

Autumn Benson Registered Dietitian

“Diets don't work. Lifestyles changes do!  For that reason, I don't diet. I eat according to my goals.”

Daniel Hammond

Transformation FX


"I'm called to this work! In my 11 years of experience, I have observed that many of the chronic diseases that I treat could be ameliorated or prevented through proper nutrition.”

Khelsea Conley, FNP-BC

Seacole Health Solutions

Healthcare Provider

"The best time to start a healthy lifestyle to prevent chronic diseases is during childhood and the second best time is now."

Germaine Guy

Clinical Plant Based Registered Dietitian

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“Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit" 1 Corinthians 6:19 saved my life. I had experienced changes in my life that were affecting my mood and ability to function. "Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit" 1 Corinthians 6:19 helped me work through what I was feeling and now I’m on the path to feeling healthy and productive once again”

Eugere R. Jackson

Director of Community Outreach 

“ Chronic Disease Prevention grows on the vine, off the trees and out of the soil. Soul Fresh Organic Company empowers the world to grow healthy solutions for the sustainability for the people and future to feed the mind, body, and Soul”

Jacques Hawkins 

Soul Fresh Organic Company

Master Gardener

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" Whenever I'm moving, my spirits automatically lift. Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit" 1 Corinthians 6:19 brought out the characteristics and talents that I never knew I possessed. If for any reason you are feeling stuck, I highly recommend working with them.”

Kiersten Victorian

Director of Operations

" I learned about The Maxine Firm about a year ago. I was considering going to school for nutrition so my mother and I decided to attend one of their symposiums. It was great! I'm currently a sophomore nutrition student and I'm beyond excited to be contributing to the work that this firm is doing in our community."

Jewel A. Williams

Student Intern

“Here at The Maxine Firm, we create experiences that promote chronic disease prevention directly related our to nutrition practices. Heart attack does not have to be your family History and Diabetes doesn't have to be your Destiny.

Ellen C. McKnight